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Why have an access control system?

Your security and that of your employees is paramount. For this reason, we will talk about the benefits of having a modern access control system and having the tools needed to track and record the access to your business.

An access control system is made up of a device or set of devices that allow or restrict a persons access to specific places through an identification validation system. Validations can generally be done using magnetic cards, fingerprints, encrypted bluetooth or facial recognition and allow access to authorized personnel only.

Access control systems offer multiple advantages. One of them is obviously giving greater security to the people who work in your company. However, there are other benefits that are not as obvious, such as the ability to audit, track or record the movements of personell through entrances and exits of your establishment. This can help facilitate accountability and monitor asset movement throughout your business.

There are basically two types of access control systems:

  • Autonomous access control systems: (single access point or ” Stand-alone” systems) They work in a simple way, independent from other doors, and can be programmed with one or multiple access codes or cards to distribute to your employees. Depending on the type, some of the stand-alone devices do have the capability to record code usage and the time and date of those uses. The information is usually more complicated to extract from these devices as they are not connected to a computer system until you directly connect and withdraw the data manually. They are great for small offices or businesses where tracking staff is not as important as securing specific locations in the office.
  • Network access control systems: These systems typically have more functionality and are designed for larger offices with multiple secure locations. They are integrated through a computer system with software that allows you to keep track of all the people entering or leaving the secure areas. You can extract all kinds of data such as time, date, number of times that identification has been used, who used it, etc. These access control systems are easier to moderate as they can typically be accessed from any ccomputer connected to the internet or internal network. They are also very customizable and can be made to suit the needs of the businesses they protect.

Here is a list of the advantages that an access control system of any kind can bring to your company:

– Ability to monitor and control the entry and exit of staff
– Restricting access to unautherized personnell
– Save money on hiring security guards
– Control and monitor asset movement in and around the facility.
– Accountability and punctuality of staff is promoted
– Allow / Restrict the Opening of Doors from your cell phone or computer. (For network systems)
– Peace of mind knowing your business is secure when you eliminate the possibility that someone could forget to lock up!

OpenPath Access Control Systems
We are certified distributors of the OpenPath brand, a company dedicated to ensuring the security of any site with the convenience generated through cutting-edge technology.

Taking advantage of new technologies can give people confidence that they are in a secure place and improve the quality of their experience when interacting with the system. An OpenPath access control system is designed to offer the most in security and user-friendly functionality.

Based on encrypted BlueTooth technology, OpenPath gives the users the ability to control the system and the secure entry points with their integrated smart devices. Registrations can be generated quickly from an administrators phone or tablet and distributed to employees in seconds. These registrations can be further controlled through the web based software platform that comes with the system. This software is updated constantly and OpenPath tech support is the best in the industry. For more detailed information about the OpenPath system.

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